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new promotion
Published on 02-05-2020

Dear users new promotion in progress , for those who will upgrade will have as a gift a month an additional month extended membership plus 100 refs free for those who just want to deposit for deposits from 5 to 10 dollars 75 refs, from 10 in out of 150 refs free.

Published on 18-04-2020


hello users, to increase your earnings we have inserted a new system very profitable and without any investment. install cryptotab by clicking here, keep it active every day and you will receive 7% more of your real earnings that will be immediately withdrawable. the percentage paid will be allowed the earnings generated by your refs. payments will be made every 15 days after sending your screenshot of the cryptotab balance sheet and will be immediate. Users who partecipate can send signup screenshot via ticket, forum or to our email. Best Regards

Published on 13-04-2020

Good evening users, to meet everyone we decided to evade the withdrawals in pending but as already written it will not be possible to withdraw without having made any deposit and therefore comply with the rule of roi.

Published on 11-04-2020


hello user, as it is right that it is time to take a balance of the 2 ptc currently have been paid 164 dollars without considering the many money spent to make the 2 sites, the deposits instead are equal to zero dollars,surely none of you have read the faqs where it is written clearly that there is a rule of the roi so without any deposit it is not possible to withdraw ,but we had decided to meet you paying at least the first withdrawal but the result obtained is that all withdrawn but no one deposits and even try to exploit the situation by creating multiple accounts.I remind everyone that this is not a work of charity but an online business so to make it sustainable we can not afford to give money to anyone. From today, therefore, we have decided not to pay anyone more if a deposit is not made in accordance with the roi regulation which is 200%. I know that most of you will be disappointed but nothing else can be done because it is not correct for those who invest. so those who want to continue to do these ptcs will be paid regularly following the rules to those who are not well can safely change site, if you can't like to comment on this post and let us know what your intentions are if the site will have the possibility to go ahead we will do it with pleasure otherwise it will be closed losing all the money spent to open them. you are also free to go and write in the various forums that we scam but I remind you that if the site will be closed it will not have stolen a single dollar from any of you, the real scammers are the ones who take money from ptcs without investing anything and also doing multiple accounts. let us know what you think thanks for the attention. Best regards

Launch Promotion
Published on 05-04-2020

Promotion for site launching

We are glad to announce our new promotion that start from today 5th April until 20th April 2020 with follow features:

from 1.00$ upto 50     $------> 10% in repurchase balance

from 51.00$ upto 100 $------> 15% in repurchase balance

        from 101$ upto ∞ ------> 20% in repurchase balance